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BioSonics Scientific Echosounders

World leading hydroacoustic systems for a range of fisheries and aquatic habitat applications
DT-X Extreme 

The state-of-the-art in fisheries stock assessment systems.


Available with split beam transducers in 38, 70, 120, 200, and 420 kHz.

Super-rugged construction and all metal connectors.

Optional autonomous mode with programmed wake/sleep functions, internal data storage for up to 30-days,

Internal DGPS, DC voltmeter, and WiFi router for wireless communication.

Ultra low side lobes and BioSonics patented digital transducer technology offer superior perfomance and unique multi-channel functionality.


MX Echosounder

The world's only dedicated aquatic habitat mapping and assessement system, the MX is a turn key solution with internal DGPS all housed in a rugged weather resistant housing.


Easily deployed from any boat, the MX includes Visual Habitat software for easy, rapid data processing and generating transect maps in KML format.    

DT-X technology deployed in a fixed-station for long-term monitoring capabilities.


Real-time processing and alerts/reports via email, text or web.

Reported info of each target detected includes:

  • Location

  • Speed of travel

  • Direction of travel

  • Size

Applications include:

  • Fish counting

  • Debris detection

  • Early warning at cooling water intakes

DT-X SUB Echosounder

A self-contained echosounder  for autonomous deployments where cabling to the surface may be cost-prohibitive or impractical.  A DT-X echosounder packaged in a pressure housing for deployment via AUVs, ROVs, or seafloor observatory platform. With programmable duty cycle for extended battery life, the DT-X SUB is ideal for long term studies.

VisAcq AutoTrack

An add-on module to Visual Acquisition that works as a real-time processing tool and automatically builds and records fish track lists. Simply configure and collect data as usual, open a CSV file to access the information you need.  Nothing coudl be easier and, best of all, it's further analysis or additional software required to obtain usable information for fisheries management. Save hours of valuable time, it's quick, easy, and automatic.

Visual Aquatic

Post-Processing Software for

DT-X and MX Echosounder Systems. Data ouput includes bathymetry, submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), and substrate type.  Export to Excel for GIS mapping or straight to KML and sharing your results in Google Earth.  Visualize your results like never before and generate maps in seconds. View synchronized echogram and map views. Easy to learn, easy to use!


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