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SUBSEA 20/20 represents only world-class technology.  Our product lines are selected based on extensive research and evaluation.

We specialize in system integration and strive to match each client with the optimal solution for their specific objectives.


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Scientific echosounders for fisheries stock assessment, aquatic habitat mapping, and bathymetric surveying.  Automated fish counting systems, debris monitoring, and early warning systems for cooling water intakes.

Products for the offshore, subsea and commercial diving markets.   Starfish sidescan sonar, Oculus multibeam imaging sonar, Artemis diver navigation, and SeaTrac USBL tracking for ROV/AUVs

The Echoscope is the World's most sophisticated 3-dimensional imaging sonar system.  Real time mobile systems for inspection.  The Dimension is an ROV-mounted 3D imaging sonar. 

A complete line of acoustic modem and positioning devices.  EvoLogics offers state-of-the art underwater communication technology and reliability that is second to none.  S2C signals deliver subsea data where others fail.


Highly-engineered and quality-manufactured cables that deliver extreme reliability and long-term success for Marine and Subsea customers worldwide. For decades, Falmat has set the global standard in dependability and performance for demanding subsea cable applications.

An ocean technology company that designs and manufacturers icListen smart digital hydrophones and other related accessories for precise measurement of ocean sounds. The company’s goal is to make the best digital acoustic listening instruments available.

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Picotech sonars are built on a scalable hardware and firmware platform called PicoSonar.  PicoSonar is the heart of our multibeams and also supplied to Kraken Robotics for their AquaPix® MINSAS and AquaPix® INSAS sonar systems.  PicoCAT USV and unique PicoPOD deployment device.

SBG Systems supplies miniature and accurate Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), GPS enhanced Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) based on MEMS sensors.

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SEABER is an innovative company that designs and manufactures the highly reliable "YUCO" micro-AUV for research and commercial oceanographic applications.

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The most advanced underwater cameras available today, affordably priced and built TOUGH for deep-water deployment.

Valeport's line of oceanographic and hydrographic instruments includes Tide Gauges, Wave Recorders, Current Meters, CTDs, and more.  See the complete catalog for more information. World renowned for quality and reliability, all Valeport products carry a 3-year warranty.