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Tide Gauges, Wave and Water Level Recorders

Tide Gauges provide perhaps the most fundamental of all marine measurements – Accurate tidal information. This is critical for Port & Harbor Operations, Dredging, Surveying, instrumentation deployments, and many other applications.

Valeport Wave Recorders are a “PUV” type that use Linear Wave Theory to analyze the pressure and current oscillations generated by the wave action. In near-shore environments (<20m depth) it is not always possible to use a surface following buoy to measure wave activity. In these circumstances, the most cost-effective solution is a bottom-mounted, pressure-based device. Valeport’s unique wave recording instruments offer onboard data processing, giving you descriptive statistics, energy spectra, and high-resolution directional spectra all in real-time.

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TideStation - Portable

A portable survey solution for monitoring of Tide, Met and other sensors, the TideStation Portable is housed in a large, rugged ABS case.

There is of choice of either UHF or GPRS telemetry, with connection to Pressure or Radar sensors, along with interface to other meteorological systems. Data is recorded locally and broadcast to base stations as required.

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MIDAS WLR - Water Level Recorder

Designed for long or short-term deployments in offshore environments, or locations where a traditional shore-based tide gauge is impractical, the MIDAS WLR can be moored in line or to the seabed. The standard instrument is fitted with a 0.01% accuracy pressure sensor and acetal housing for up to 500m depth rating, with a deep water titanium housed option also available.

Valeport Midas-WLR.jpg
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MIDAS WTR+  Wave and Tide Recorder

One of the most versatile yet easy to use pressure-based wave recorders available, the MIDAS WTR Wave and Tide Recorder offers fast data upload, a quick change battery carousel and intuitive operating software.
Using the proven Linear Wave Theory wave analysis method of measurement, this recorder benefits from Valeport’s latest sensor measurement technology, together with 64-bit data processing and an improved range of sampling options..

Valeport Midas-WTR.jpg

MIDAS DWR - Directional Wave Recorder

The most cost-effective solution to directional wave monitoring requirements in all shallow water coastal applications, The MIDAS DWR Directional Wave Recorder represents a significant advance in PUV wave recording technology.

In addition to the standard non-directional data available from the MIDAS WTR, the MIDAS DWR performs full onboard directional data analysis, allowing real-time directional information at an unsurpassed 2° resolution.

Valeport Midas-DWR.jpg
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TideMaster Tide Gauge

The Tidemaster is the cost-effective way to accurately record water height, with the added option of gathering meteorological data using its ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor.
This small Water Level Recorder, suitable for use in fresh or salt water, can be deployed for up to one year, dependent on the sampling rate. Instrument set-up and data retrieval is via an optional display panel or the PC software supplied. Alternatively, the system can be supplied with radio modules for real time data transmission.

Valeport TideMaster.jpg

TideStation Permanent

Valeport’s industry-leading TideMaster Tide Gauge is at the core of the TideStation, bringing Pressure, Radar and hybrid tidal observation techniques coupled with interfaces to other meteorological and 3rd party systems.

All data can be recorded locally and broadcast to a central command and control point as required. Within the TideStation enclosure is all the ancillary infrastructure required to maintain power to the Tide and Met equipment interfaced and the chosen communications systems. There are two standard TideStation variants:

Option 1 – Single Port ipBuffer, TideStation Junction Box, optional Satel UHF radio.

Configuration Example: TideMaster, VRS-20 and Pressure Sensor.

Option 2 – 4 port ipBuffer, TideStation Junction Box, optional Satel UHF radio.

Configuration Example: TideMaster, VRS-20, Pressure Sensor, miniCT, METPak II, plus other instruments.


Valeport Tidestation Permanent.jpg
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The Valeport miniTIDE is a small Tide Recorder, designed for short-term underwater deployments, ideal for academic studies.  Fitted with a 0.01% temperature compensated piezo-resistive cell, the miniTIDE will record high accuracy pressure data for a period of one month at a 10-minute sampling interval, using a single alkaline C cell. It is available with a choice of pressure ranges, and with either 500m acetal or 6000m titanium housings.

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