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Inertial Sensors by SBG Systems


SBG Systems offers a complete line of high performance and miniature Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS), Motion Reference Unit (MRU), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) with embedded GNSS receiver (INS/GNSS).

SBG inertial navigation systems are used for offshore platform stabilization, SONAR data georeferencing, ship motion monitoring, and buoy positioning.

All SBG inertial sensors offer Marine oriented features such as heave, surge, sway, navigation, and 3D orientation. For the best performance, our systems fuse inertial data with dual antenna GPS, DVL, etc.


Our inertial navigation systems allow accurate data georeferencing whether your Echo-sounder or LiDAR is mounted on a surveying vessel, an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), a ROV, or an AUV. Compact, low power, and cost-effective, our sensors enable DVL or Dual Antenna GNSS fusion with inertial data.

Ship Motion

From small-sized to high performance, all SBG Systems inertial navigation systems integrate cost-effective motion monitoring and compensation features.

Heave, surge, and sway are computed in real-time on up to 4 monitoring points. Our sensors are used to measure wave impact on boat, platform, crane, camera, and antenna.


Our inertial measurement units are ideal for buoy motion measurement. Integrating GPS sensors, they deliver buoy roll, pitch, heave, and position.


Small-sized and low power consumption, our products allow you to monitor or compensate wave impact on buoys, as well as on embedded oceanographic and meteorological sensors. 

Performance Sailing

Sailing races are very demanding applications where performance and robustness are critical. MEMS technology can help racing boats improve competitiveness.

SBG Systems offers miniature inertial sensors for racing boat heading, position and 3D orientation


Offshore exploration requires accurate and robust inertial systems for platform stabilization,  vessels’ equipment positioning, orientation, and monitoring (crane, antenna, camera).


For specific projects, you can also benefit from SBG Systems’ expertise in the offshore industry to develop custom design solutions.

Unmanned Surface Vessels

Our inertial navigation systems provide attitude and positioning information for Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (UMV), Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) or


Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) navigation as well as embedded payload stabilization, synchronization, and data georeferencing. Compact, low power, and high performance, our sensors are ideal to be integrated into USVs or ASVs.

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