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Proudly representing world-leading underwater discovery products

SUBSEA 20/20 represents only world-class technology.  Our product lines are selected based on extensive research and evaluation. We specialize in system integration and strive to match each client with the optimal solution for their specific objectives.

Please browse our product catalog and contact us today for more information.

Scientific echosounders for fisheries stock assessement, aquatic habitat mapping, and bathymetric surveying.  Automated fish counting systems, debris monitoring, and early warning systems for cooling water intakes.

Products for the offshore, subsea and commercial diving markets. Starfish sidescan sonar, Oculus multibeam imaging sonar, Artemis diver navigation, and SeaTrac USBL tracking for ROV/AUVs

The Echoscope is the World's most sophisticated 3-dimensional imaging sonar system.  Real time mobile systems for inspection.  The Dimension is an ROV-mounted 3D imaging sonar. 

A complete line of acoustic modem and positioning devices.  EvoLogics offers state-of-the art underwater communication technology and realibility that is second to none.  S2C signals delver subsea data where others fail.


With a long, successful history, MetOcean's innovative products serve an integral role in ocean research and development. Variety of buoys, beacons, flashers, and trackers for use in polar and ocean research.

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An ocean technology company that designs and manufacturers icListen smart digital hydrophones and other related accessories for precise measurement of ocean sounds.. The company’s goal is to make the best digital acoustic listening instruments available.

Miniature, high performance and innovative motion sensing solutions. A complete line of inertial sensors based on state-of-the-art MEMS technology such as Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Inertial Navigation Systems with embedded GPS (INS/GPS).

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SEABER has developed a range of micro-AUVs carefully designed for high reliability, precise navigation, and ease of deployment/retrieval.  The YUCO micro-AUV offers a new approach in AUVs by being single-task and affordable.

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World's most technologically advanced and intelligent video equipment for the ROV, offshore and subsea markets.

Valeport's line of oceanopgraphic and hydrographic instruments includes Tide Gauges, Wave Recorders, Current Meters, CTDs, and more.  See the complete catalog for more information. World renowned for quality and reliabity, all Valeport products carrry a 3-year warranty.


World-leading navigation sensors that operate reliably in the most challenging environments. High performance DVL at an affordable price, that’s simple for anyone to use.  Featuring the world's smallest DVL!

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