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Echosounders and Scanning Sonar by EchoLogger

...changing the future of underwater monitoring.

Echologger represents the best quality sonar products in the market.  A leading developer/manufacturer of high-end ultracompact echosounders and high-resolution scanning sonar, Echologger offers state-of-the-art features to match your needs at affordable prices.  

Applications include:
  • Bathymetry - Accurate bathymetry operations, Sediment monitoring

  • Depth Measurement - Backscatter data and accurate altitude.

  • Fisheries / ZooPlankton Studies - Backscatter data for fish/plankton studies.

  • Underwater navigation

  • Obstacle Avoidance for AUV, ROV, and divers

  • Unmanned surface vehicles (USV)

  • Scour Monitoring of underwater structures.

  • Search and Recovery (SNR)

  • Sediment Movement

  • Shallow Water/Precision Monitoring - within centimeters.

  • Structure Monitoring

  • Wave & Tide Measurement - Real time or autonomous 

EchoLogger Echosounders.jpg

*Authorized US distributor dealer for EchoLogger*

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