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Lessons Learned from Marine Mammals


S2C (Sweep-Spread Carrier) technology, developed after eight years of extensive studies into the physics of dolphin communication, mimics dolphin sound energy patterns to deliver acoustic signals even in adverse underwater conditions.


Based on S2C technology, EvoLogics Underwater Acoustic Modems provide reliable full-duplex digital communication and support multiple data management options along with addressing and networking. 


EvoLogics modems are proven the most reliable and efficent modem technology in the World.  Contact us  to learn more.

EvoLogics Underwater Modems
R-Series Underwater Acoustic Modems

S2C R series of underwater acoustic modems provide full-duplex digital communication using the EvoLogics patented S2C (Sweep-Spread Carrier) Technology, delivering an excellent performance, resistant to the challenges of a dynamic subsea environment. Self-adaptive algorithms adjust the S2C parameters to maintain the highest bit rate possible in current conditions.


The S2C R series offers a selection of short- mid- and long-range devices for shallow or deep water applications. Each product is available in a variety of configurations to offer the best-fit solution for a particular scenario.


Every S2C R Underwater Acoustic Modem was designed as a reliable tool to solve multiple communication tasks. It implements advanced data delivery algorithms, supports addressing and networking and is easy to control with a comprehensive set of commands and software-configurable settings.


M-Series Underwater Acoustic Mini-Modems

The S2C M-series offers the full benefits of the company's patented S2C (Sweep-Spread Carrier) communication technology in a light and compact design.


The S2C M-series is fully compatible with EvoLogics standard S2C R and S2C R USBL series and includes a selection of directional and non-directional short- and mid-range devices that fit various application scenarios, especially those where size and weight are critical. The M-series relies on EvoLogics S2C broadband communication technology to overcome the challenges of dynamic underwater environment and deliver a great performance in various subsea conditions. S2C M-series modems are smaller and lighter than the standard EvoLogics R-series devices, but deliver the uncompromising performance of the full-sized product line.

EvoLogics M_Series Mini Modems
HS Series Underwater Acoustic Modems


The new high-speed mini-modem offers incredible 62.5 kbps for short-range transmissions.


S2C M modems are fully compatible with S2C R Modem, USBL and LBL ranges. They can extend existing infrastructure and seamlessly integrate into EvoLogics navigation and positioning systems.


The S2CM HS Modem can be supplied with a cable mounted transducer (up to 1.5 m cable length) to simplify system integration for UUVs or diver tracking systems.



  • Communication and positioning for AUVs and ROVs

  • Diver tracking and communication systems

  • Size- and weight-sensitive applications

  • High-speed communication in adverse cond


EvoLogics High Speed Underwater Acoustic Modems

The newest light and ultra-compact design represents a size reduction of almost 20% compared to mini-modems.

The S2C T series form factor is available for high frequency models, catering to various applications with 4 frequency range/directivity options.


EvoLogics High Speed Underwater Acoustic Modems
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