Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Hydrographic Surveys

With carbon fiber hull construction and water jet propulsion, the SONOBOT's catamaran design offers an ultra-stable,  ruggedized platform for surveying and data collection.  Check out our video and specs below to learn why SONOBOT  is the smartest ASV on the market today.

With high usability in mind, the autonomous EvoLogics SONOBOT unmanned surface vehicle was developed as a smart, lightweight surveying solution for harbors and inland waters.

SONOBOT design objectives were usability, robustness and versatility, paired with high-performance of the on-board sensors.

SONOBOT is a small, simple and usable platform for planning and executing a hydrographic survey that can deliver accurate, geo-referenced bathymetric measurements and high-quality imagery with minimum transport, launch and recovery efforts.

SONOBOT includes an advanced single-beam echo sounder enabled with EvoLogics patented S2C broadband communication technology.   The platform is capable of delivering precise and accurate depth measurements even in very shallow waters.


Optional side scan sonar, GPS system and other sensors are pre-selected among commercial off-the-shelf products to best fit the SONOBOT platform and offer the user the best configuration for his particular requirements.

SONOBOT is a Versatile and Innovative Instrument Platform
High Precision
  • Differential GPS for high-accuracy cartography (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo)

  • Side-scan sonar option



  • Integrated camera for operation in remote locations and surveillance

  • Fast access to points of interest, accurate maneuvers and efficient area scanning

  • with precisely controllable hydro jet thrusters

  • Batteries for over 10 hours of operation (at optimum operation speed)

  • Software for field operation and data processing with visual georeferenced representation



  • Autonomous and radio controlled operation modes

  • Wi-Fi communication (GPRS/UMTS)

  • On-board data logging, wireless transmission on demand

  • Exchangeable supports for increased stability

  • Robustness

  • Carbon fiber floaters, corrosion-free materials, resistant to seawater and industrial waste water


Easy Handling

  • Fast assembly without special tools

  • Can be handled by a single person

  • Fits into a car trunk compartment for transport

Hydrographic survey
  • Bathymetry and seafloor imaging in ports, harbors and inland waters


Search and recovery

  • Locating archeological artifacts, wrecks


Survey missions

  • Exploring shallow waters, natural reserves, restricted or hard-to-reach areas



  • Regular examinations of underwater infrastructure

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