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Unmanned Vehicles as Instrument Platforms

AUVs, ROVs, and USVs

SUBSEA 20/20 works with world-leading vehicle manufacturers developing integrated platforms for a variety of applications including hydrographic surveys, habitat mapping, locating unexploded ordnance, and more.  Unmanned vehicles can be outfitted with multibeam, split beam, and/ or side scan sonar as well as ADCPs, hydrophones, and other sensors. Contact us for pricing or information on a solution for your application. 


Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs)

Specialized Autonomous Vessels for Data Collection
SONOBOT 5 2.jpg
SONOBOT by EvoLogics
Otter USV by Maritime Robotics
Otter by Maritime Robotics

Remotely Operated Vehicles - ROVs


SUBSEA 20/20 will introduce a new ROV in 2022

Stand by for this exciting release

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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles - AUVs

YUCO AUV by SEABER, low-cost man-portable AUV for scientific data collection

YUCO is a game changer in water-quality monitoring and the most versatile solution to monitor physico-chemical parameters.  YUCO is a single task “off-the-self” micro-AUV  for a range of scientific applications including CTD, side scan sonar, multi-parameter data, and hydrophones.

Affordable and reliable, the YUCO is easily deployed and recovered swiftly by one person.  

EvoLogics Pinguin AUV, bionic penguin, autonomous underwater vehicle
Quadroin by EvoLogics

The Quadroin is based on EvoLogics’ low-drag bionic AUV design. Its outstanding hydrodynamic properties stem from years of research into penguin locomotion. Payload options include temperature, pressure, oxygen, conductivity and fluorescence sensors, and the Quadroin achieves speeds of up to 5ms.


The Quadroin is swarm-capable, fast, and maneuverable, with endurance for long autonomous missions.

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