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Coda Octopus 3D Sonar

Unique and patented real time 3D sonars and cutting-edge software that is shaping the future of subsea operations.
Echoscope Coda Octopus, West Coast US, Seattle Dealer

The real time 3D Echoscope® sonar with USE™ software provides unique and patented capabilities for high resolution subsea mapping and imagery. This combination delivers rapid advances to operations wishing to tie together high definition sub-sea images with positioning whilst maintaining a measurable dataset

Designed for the ROV market, the Dimension® real time 3D sonar with Vantage™ software offers a step-change view to ROV pilots. With a user-selectable quad-view of the scene in front of the ROV, the pilot can manoeuvre, navigate and monitor with confidence during zero visibility conditions.

USE Software 

Used exclusively for Echoscope 3D sonar data, the USE (Underwater Survey Explorer) software suite utilises patented rendering techniques to display crisp real time 3D sonar imagery. With a modular design USE software is operated either on-line or post-survey for numerous subsea applications ranging from high definition surveying to marine construction and port security.

Vantage  Software 

The topside visualisation package for the Dimension real time 3D sonar system, Vantage offers unique on-line capabilities to an ROV pilot over conventional and older scanning or multibeam packages. With Vantage™'s user-editable quad-display, the ROV pilot is better equipped for flying ROVs in zero visibility conditions or around complex subsea structures.

3D Productivity Station

A plug-and play, top-end PC solution for use with the Echoscope 3D sonar and USE topside software combination. The 3DPS is a custom-designed 19” rack-mountable PC, with integrated power supplies for both the Echoscope® and the F180® Series of systems.

DIU 212 

The DIU212 Data Integration Unit acts as the hub for connecting several sensors together within the UIS. This rugged solution for integrating the F180™, Echoscope®, above waterline camera and mission control laptop, ensures that each sub-sensor can be deployed and operated rapidly.

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