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Sound Velocity Sensors and Profilers

Sound Velocity Sensors and Profilers from Valeport, the world leaders in Sound Velocity technology – a position achieved by both innovative development and meticulous attention to detail throughout the design, manufacture and especially calibration processes.

Valeport SV sensors offer levels of performance that are demonstrably far in excess of even the latest offerings from competitors.

  • Genuine Accuracy of ±0.02m/s (Total Error Budget)

  • Precision (peak to peak noise) of ±0.002m/s

  • Operating range of 1375m/s to 1900m/s (covering all environments from freshwater to the Dead Sea and the Marianas Trench)

  • Data rates up to 60Hz (instrument dependent)

In addition to a wide range of standard products, Valeport also offer customized solutions, thanks to their in-house design and manufacture capability.

Valeport miniSVS
Valeport UV-SVP
Browse the collection below and contact us today for pricing, quotes, or more information on Valeport sound velocity sensors and profilers


Sound Velocity, Temperature and Pressure for Underwater Vehicles.

Designed for Underwater Vehicles where space is at a premium, the UV-SVP is based on the Valeport miniSVS. Incorporating Valeport’s class-leading time of flight sound speed sensor, a PRT temperature sensor and a 0.01% pressure sensor in a compact package weighing just 750 grams (in air), the lightweight titanium housing gives a depth rating of 3000m. A wide range (9-30V DC) isolated power supply and RS232 communications complete the package.

Valeport UV-SVP.jpg
Valeport UV-SVP 2.jpg
Valeport UV-SVP-3.jpg

miniSVS Sound Velocity Sensor

The Valeport miniSVS uses digital "time of flight" technology to provide the lowest noise, highest accuracy, best resolution sound velocity data available.  Small size and a choice of sensor lengths down to just 25mm make the sensor suitable for a variety of applications, and the optional pressure or temperature sensor adds versatility. There is a choice of data formats to allow an interface to pre-existing systems.  OEM and custom designs are also available.

Each sound velocity measurement is made using a single pulse of sound travelling over a known distance, so is independent of the inherent calculation errors present in all CTDs. Our unique digital signal processing technique virtually eliminates signal noise, and gives almost instantaneous response; the digital measurement is also entirely linear, giving a predictable performance under all conditions.


Valeport miniSVS
Valeport miniSVS 2.jpg
Valeport miniSVS 3.jpg


The miniSVP, a budget Sound Velocity Profiler designed to make the best SV measurements in the world available to everyone.  Featuring Valeport’s unique acclaimed “time of flight” SV sensor, the miniSVP is available in either 500m rated acetal or 6000m rated titanium versions. A single C cell and large Flash memory allow hundreds of profiles to be recorded, and the pre-programmed profiling patterns allow it to be set up and deployed quickly and easily.


Valeport miniSVP-Acetal.jpg
Valeport miniSVP-Acetal-2.jpg
Valeport miniSVP-Acetal-3.jpg

rapidPro SVT

Rapid collection of sound velocity profiles with no compromise in the quality of the data is the rapidPro SVT’s great party trick.  It has now been further developed with a new optimised shape and removable ProLogger module that combines a rechargeable lithium ion battery, data logger, GPS receiver and Bluetooth comms module. Accurate Sound Velocity with virtually instantaneous response time, data acquisition rates of up to 32Hz housed in a low drag housing result in the highest quality profiles at drop rates up to 5 m/s.

Valeport Rapid-Pro-SVT.jpg
Valeport Rapid-Pro-SVT 2.jpg
Valeport Rapid-Pro-SVT-3.jpg


Suitable for rapid profiling down to 6000m depth, the MIDAS SVP gives the most accurate Sound Velocity Profiles currently possible.  Replacing Valeport’s renowned Model 650 Mk2 Sound Velocity Profiler, it features titanium construction and a large memory. As well as using the world leading digital time of flight sound speed sensor, the instrument has a ±0.01% pressure sensor, and features Valeport’s synchroniszd sampling technique to guarantee that all sensors are sampled at exactly the same point during a profile.  

The MIDAS SVP is fitted with Valeport’s digital time of flight sound velocity sensor, a high accuracy temperature compensated piezo-resistive pressure transducer, and a fast response PRT temperature sensor.

Valeport Midas-SVP.jpg


Some users need the superior Sound Velocity data from an SVP with the Salinity and Density data from a CTD. So Valeport has come up with the unique MIDAS SVX2 that combines both technologies to give the best of both worlds.
Now fitted with a 0.01% pressure sensor as standard, the SVX2 also uses synchronized sampling to ensure perfect profiles, and since the digital time of flight SV sensor is the most accurate in the world, it’s also possible to compare the true sound velocity data with that generated by commonly used equations.

Valeport Midas-SVX2.jpg
Valeport Midas-SVX2 3.jpg


Designed for coastal, harbour and inland hydrographic survey use, the SWiFT SVP makes a seamless workflow a reality in a compact, robust and portable package.  Now rated to 500m as standard with 0.01% FS accuracy, it has integral GPS to geo-locate every profile. This new compact unit features high accuracy SV, Pressure and Temperature as normal, and adds integral GPS, re-chargeable battery, LED status indications for GPS, battery and communications. Data can be easily and quickly downloaded, reviewed and translated to common data formats wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart using the SWiFT APP on iOS devices where data can be instantly shared via FTP, email and cloud services. Valeport’s Connect software for PC use will also support the SWiFT SVP.  Battery endurance is up to a week with easy charging via USB


Valeport SWiFT-SVP.jpg
Valeport SWiFT-SVP 2.jpg
Valeport SWiFT-SVP 3.jpg

SWiFT plus Multi-Parameter Profilers

Valeport's SWiFTplus Multi-Parameter Profiler combines survey-grade sound speed, temperature and pressure sensor technology with additional observations. The package is completed with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery and an integral GPS module to geo-locate each profile.

  • Multi-Parameter Profiler
    CTD, Sound Speed, Salinity, Density

  • Choose from Chlorophyll a, Fluorescein, Phycocyanin, Rhodamine, or Turbidity sensors

  • Up to 32Hz sampling rate

  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

  • Integral GPS receiver for geo-location of profile

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

  • Dedicated PC software and iOS portable device App


Valeport SWiFTPlus

SWiFTplus Chlorophyll a

SWiFTplus Fluorescein

SWiFTplus Phycocyanin

SWiFTplus Rhodamine

SWiFTplus Turbidity

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uvSVX - NEW! Interchangeable Pressure Sensors

uvSVX - Sound Velocity, Temperature and Pressure with calculated Salinity & Density for an Underwater Vehicle

Designed for underwater vehicles where space is at a premium, the compact uvSVX features Valeport’s Time of Flight technology that delivers SVP with calculated salinity and density data.  With the latest developments in digital sensor technology, the uvSVX is housed in lightweight titanium with a depth rating of 6000m, and delivers reliable, accurate performance under all conditions

High accuracy data is assured with the addition of Valeport’s uniquely interchangeable pressure module that allows users to maximise operationally specific depth requirements.  This advanced, calibrated pressure module, is quickly and easily changed whilst in the field, using the Valeport supplied adapter and without opening the instrument. Delivering accuracy to 0.01%, the interchangeable pressure transducer is available in 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600 Bar variants.  .


Valeport uvSVX
Valeport uvSVX
Valeport uvSVX schematic

OEM Sound Velocity Sensors

Valeport’s in-house design and manufacture capabilities provide customized OEM versions of all “time of flight” sound velocity technology.  These versions will suit less mainstream or emerging applications, or for integration into third party systems. The technology is already available in a number of standard instrument packages, which cater for the majority of applications requiring the ultimate in SV measurement. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Valeport OEM Sound Velocity Sensor.jpg

ultraSV OEM Sound Velocity Sensor

The next generation of sound velocity sensor, the UltraSV, is ultra-fast, ultra-compact, ultra-dependable.
Redesigned from the connector up, it offers a truly smart and exchangeable sound velocity sensor without compromise. Our unique digital signal processing technique virtually eliminates signal noise, and gives almost instantaneous response; the digital measurement is also entirely linear, giving predictable performance under all conditions.


Valeprt ultraSV.jpg
Valeport ultraSV 2.jpg
Valeport ultraSV 3.jpg
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