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YUCO Micro AUV by Seaber

The first affordable, micro AUV for oceanographic research and environmental monitoring
YUCO is a micro-AUV combining boldness, innovation, reliability, and efficiency.

YUCO micro-AUV offers a new approach in AUVs by being single-task and affordable.

SEABER has developed a range of micro-AUVs carefully designed toward these key attributes:

  • High reliability

  • Precise navigation

  • Ease of deployment/retrieval

Common Specs
  • Depth rating: 300m

  • Weight: 8kg

  • Length: 100cm

  • Diameter: 12cm

  • Speed: 2.5 - 6 knots

  • Endurance: 6 - 10 hours 

  • Rechargeable batteries

YUCO is:
  • A uniquely reliable AUV that combines exceptional performance and low maintenance

  • Operable in all types of coastal waters

  • An autonomous platform you can trust underwater

  • Delivered as a single task “off-the-self” micro-AUV

  • Affordable and reliable

  • Deployed easily and swiftly by one person

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A robust bio-inspired design

To ensure a leak-proof hull, YUCO is compartmented in 2 sections. The center/rear section is factory sealed and not user accessible. This dry compartment contains the complete navigation system, including batteries, actuators, localization sensors and embedded electronics. The wet section located in the front (nose) contains the sensor payload , and is accessible to the user. The wet section is also equipped with necessary connectors for quick plug-and-play integration of new sensors.

High-performance navigation with INX

SEABER’s highly accurate proprietary navigation system for YUCO micro-AUVs is call INX.

Based on SEABER’s advanced underwater navigation algorithms, INX provides high-performance navigation and a highly configurable platform to optimize and continuously improve the navigation experience.  DVL and depth sensors are fully integrated, providing the most cost-efficient navigation system in an autonomous platform.

Intuitive mission planning with SEAPLAN

SEAPLAN is a powerful and modern GUI that offers programming flexibility, intuitiveness and ease of use.  A wide range of navigational patterns can be programmed, and payload sensors can be easily programmed to activate at various intervals. SEAPLAN offers unique navigation modes dedicated to specific payloads, such as « shutdown surfacing », ideal for CTD and PAM.

The SEAPLAN interface is accessible via WiFi for access through different platforms. YUCO can also be recharged while being programmed.

Key features to ensure a smooth recovery

YUCO is highly visible at the surface under all light conditions, thanks to its neon pink body color and powerful flashing LEDs. To ensure surface communication, YUCO’s mast is equipped with 3 types of wireless communication antennas: satellite, GSM and radio. 

Furthermore, a handheld remote-control (RELOC) displays YUCO’s GPS position upon surfacing and includes provides a handy “return to home” function.


Find the YUCO that fits your mission

A wide range of AUVs adapted to your missions

SEABER offers a variety of turnkey, integrated platforms, or choose the YUCO-CARRIER with an empty payload ready for the sensor of your choosing.


680kHz Sidescan Sonar by DeepVision

High-quality sonar imagery with high-stability, accurate navigation even in coastal areas with waves and current.

  • INX Navigation system

  • DVL

  • Embedded rechargeable batteries

  • Field case and accessories

YUCO-SCAN micro AUV with sidescan
Hydrography - Bathymetry - Marine Habitat Coral Reef - Seagrass


"Legato" CT sensor by RBR

Shutdown surfacing, vertical profiler
Navigate by depth from surface or height above seafloor

  • Optional DO and fluorimeter sensors

  • INX Navigation system

  • Embedded rechargeable batteries

  • Field case and accessories

  • DVL (optional)

YUCO-CTD micro AUV with RBR Legato sensor
Oceanography - Coastal Dynamics
Water Quality - Marine pollution
seaber-muda_formation (1).png

A game changer in water-quality monitoring.
Fully autonomous multiparameter sonde by AML
Choose from many sensor options:
Sound Velocity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, pH, Chlorophyll A, or Crude-oil 

  • Optional DVL

  • INX Navigation system

  • Embedded rechargeable batteries

YUCO-PHYSICO microAUV with AML multiparameter sonde
Water Quality - Oceanography
Coastal Dynamics - Marine pollution

Fully autonomous "Porpoise" acoustic recorder by RsAqua
Pre-programmed, AUV triggered, or continuous sampling

Sampling rates up to 384kHz and 4TB storage capacity.
Ideal and totally silent for noise recording.

  • INX Navigation system

  • Embedded rechargeable batteries

  • Field case and accessories

Pile Driving Permitting - Ship Noise
Marine Mammal Monitoring 

SEAPLAN Software

User-friendly mission planning tools and AUV dashboard Program your mission, deploy and forget it!

In a single view, see and edit the elements of the mission (path, speed, payload, deployment and recovery points). Even untrained users can easily prepare a mission, thanks to its modern graphical interface and high-level navigation patterns. Advanced users can access low-level navigation functions, payload activation and parameters with the same ease-of-use. Multiple online maps are available in SEAPLAN, or create custom offline maps by importing most  any standard format map data.

SEAPLAN is also the AUV dashboard. At a glance you have access to YUCO status, sensor state and mission feasibility. Smart mission analysis audits autonomy, speed and accuracy considering YUCO’s capabilities and field parameters. Moreover, a robust protocol and log analysis tools guarantee seamless security. It makes SEAPLAN a safe platform and gives users a great confidence in the success of every mission. YUCO calibration, firmware updates and mission upload are all made simple and done wirelessly via SEAPLAN. Once the mission uploaded, the AUV will simply start when submerged.

Once the AUV is recovered, SEAPLAN connects to YUCO and provides a clear mission debrief. Access the main mission indicators to quickly check whether any problems occurred and import the raw mission data in open formats.

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