Ocean Sonics icListen Smart Digital Hydrophones

icListen Smart Hydrophone -Overview


A hydrophone is an underwater microphone that converts sound energy to electrical energy. When connected to an amplifier and speaker it lets us hear sounds in the water. This is an analog hydrophone.


Digital hydrophones eliminate the need to add pre-amplifiers, filters and digitizers into the instrument, replacing the output voltage with a binary stream.

The icListen is an all-in-one instrument small enough to fit in your hand, and smart enough to log calibrated waveforms, spectral or event data in one standard format. Use the icListen Smart Hydrophone as a digital hydrophone, acoustic data logger, or both at once.


The icListen is a reliable, accurate hydrophone that records & outputs sound data in real units. It’s best-in-class signal performance lets you acquire hard to detect data accurately and cost effectively. The icListen detects real-time events and can log or transmit just the event data in real-time. Use icListen’s standard Ethernet link, or communicate over the slower serial link for radio channels or long cable runs.

Benefits of icListen Smart Hydrophone Technology


  • Automated real-time data processing

  • Detects events, so you collect just the data you want

  • Wide dynamic range eliminates the need for gain settings

  • Lowest noise floor of any digital hydrophone

  • Can be used as an acoustic data logger, digital hydrophone, or both

  • Versatile communication interface for real-time data acquisition - connect via cable, radio, GPS, or satellite

  • Scientifically defensible results based on calibrated acoustic data

  • Robust, reliable & accurate

  • Quickly and easily synchronize multiple hydrophones to create a multi-channel array with no signal cross-talk

Select the icListen Right for Your Application

The flagship icListen HF is now recognized as the new standard in broadband digital marine acoustics.

Use it to stream data, log data, or both.

Ocean Sonics icListen Hydrophones are available in 200m, 3500m, and 6000m depth rated housings. 

High Frequency Applications Include:

Environmental Monitoring
Ambient Noise Measurement
Marine Renewable Energy
Pipeline Leak Detection
Ocean Observatories
Marine Mammal Monitoring
Ocean Noise Measurement

The X2 offers all the same features of the standard icListen HF but with its reduced analog input gain, it records peak sound levels greater than 210 dB re.uPa without clipping or saturating. 
Use the Event Detection feature to ensure loud events are recorded or send an event message when a preset sound level is exceeded.

Applications Include:

*Pile Driving
*Construction Noise

The icListen AF extends the low frequency ultra low noise performance of the respected icListen LF up into the Audio Frequency range.  The AF comes with all the features of the icListen HF, including spectral processing, event detection, PPS synchronization, and the powerful Web Server available on the Ethernet interface Play deep-ocean sounds from icListen AF through your PC speakers using the Lucy software, in real-time.

Like the icListen HF, the new AF is compatible with many radio systems, including GSM, ISM and satellite.


Audio Frequency Applications Include:

*Marine Mammal Monitoring
*Earthquake & Tsunami Monitoring
*Shipping Noise Measurement
*Ocean Observatories

icListen HF with Reson Sensors

The 900m depth rated broadband Smart Hydrophone is based on the TC4059 sensor. Frequency range is 10 Hz to 204 kHz with the upper limit software selectable. This product gives Reson users the performance they expect, integrated with the industry leading icListen Smart Hydrophone. The SB9 includes all the signal processing, event detection, large memory recorder and streaming features found in the icListen HF family of products.


Applications Include:

Environmental Monitoring
Ambient Noise Measurement
Marine Renewable Energy
Pipeline Leak Detection
Ocean Observatories
Marine Mammal Monitoring
Ocean Noise Measurement

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