Ocean Sonics - The Smart Hydrophone Company

A better way to listen to the ocean

Ocean Sonics designs and manufactures the icListen Smart Hydrophone and other related accessories for precise measurement of underwater sounds.

  • Ocean Observatories

  • ROV’s & AUV’s

  • Pile Driving

  • Fisheries Research

  • Marine Mammal Monitoring

  • Ocean Renewable Energy

  • Harbor Security

  • Offshore Wind Farms

  • Seismic, Tsunami Monitoring

  • Subsea Volcano Detection

  • Pipeline Leak Detection

  • Arctic Ice Monitoring

Applications include:

Ocean Sonics icListen Smart Digital Hydrophones offer superior results and performance when compared with traditional analog devices.  Here's why:


  • Recording typical low-level ocean sounds with analog hydrophones requires ancillary amplifiers, filters, and digitizers.


  • Analog recorders suffer from a limited dynamic range, which in turn limits their usability.


  • Therefore, analog -> digital recorded data files are limited in their capability to capture the full and true sound characteristics (energy levels and frequency band).


  • Digital Hydrophones eliminate ancillary preamplifiers, filters and digitizers, replacing the output voltage with a binary stream. The result: cleaner, richer data more representative of the actual “sound”.


  • Smart Hydrophones add automated, real-time processing & logging to the digital hydrophone to create usable, real-time information.  automated alert/alarm functions to report or log whenever a pre-set of conditions occurs.