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The Smartest Subsea Battery Available

Ocean Sonics Battery Packs are super easy to handle and service. Each pack uses 72 standard D-cell units, easily sourced locally so battery packs can be shipped empty. Available in two depth ratings; 200m (shown) and 3500m rated with titanium endcap and bottom.



  • Lightweight glass fiber composite case eliminates cathodic issues

  • Endcap connector guard doubles as a lever making the release of the endcap a low-effort and safe procedure.

  • Levers act as carrying handles for easy transport

  • Options for alkaline, lithium primary and nickel-metal.

  • Includes rugged case for transport

Total Capacity

  • Alkaline -1500 W-h

  • Lithium - 4500 W

Terminal Voltage

  • Lithium: 25V

  • Alkaline: 22.5 V.


  • Massive data memory (4TB) for networking multiple hydrophones

  • Data-processing Hub that runs classifiers.

Ocean Sonics Submersible Battery Pack
Easy-Open Instructions for Battery Pack

Step 1. Stand Upright

Step 2. Swing handles down to release endcap

Step 3. Pull up on the guard to service/replace D-cells 

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