Quadroin by EvoLogics

Novel AUV with low-drag bionic design
Novel AUV with low-drag bionic design

EvoLogics Quadroin is an autonomous underwater vehicle with low-drag bionic design. Based on years of research, the AUV's shape and contour of a penguin-like spindle maximize its hydrodynamic performance.

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EvoLogics Pinguin 4.jpg
  • Fast and maneuverable at up to 5 m/s  (10 kts.)

  • Mission duration 6-8 hours

  • The propulsion system includes 4 horizontal thrusters in X-shaped confi guration

  • Combined collapsible antenna, surface communication module with Wifi , 868 MHz radio and GNSS

  • Built-in S2C M 18/34 "mini" modem with streamlined antenna cover for underwater communication and positioning

  • Payload capacity for various sensors and instruments

  • Large surface footprint, position and high-power flash lights for easy localization and recovery

  • Measure ocean conditions: temperature, pressure, oxygen, conductivity and fluorescence

  • Operate in the study area over extended periods without returning to the surface

  • Swarm technology to profile the water column vertically

  • Collect geo-referenced data on the physical water parameters at different depth horizons

  • Data collection in ocean eddies

  • Repositionable LBL baseline with seafloor anchoring

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