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Artemis Sonar System with Tactical GPS

Modular handheld console with diver target detection sonar and GPS underwater navigation aid


  • EOD and Search and Rescue Diving

  • Locating objects on the seabed

  • Mine Clearance

  • Seabed infrastructure, pipelines, well heads

  • Locating/relocating unexploded ordnance

  • Locating vehicles, aircraft, wrecks

  • Seabed/lakebed antiquities

Designed by divers, for divers, Artemis is intuitive and user-friendly.


Quickly interpret information presented via the simple menu interface and graphical display.


All apps are controlled via a simple 5-button interface.

NavPoint PC software allows creation of "Mission" files using waypoints that the diver can choose as destinations during the dive. 


Intergrated immersion sensor automatically detects start of the dive and starts logging data from the sonar, navigation system and other sensors into a "Dive-Log" file.

After the dive, NavPoint software allows for reviewing of the dive-log data, and synchronizing the sonar imagery with diver tracks on a navigational chart.  Export data in a variety of formats for third party software applications.

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