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BioSonics Automated Monitoring System

Scientific split beam technology developed for real-time target counting and reporting

DT-X echosounder technology deployed in a fixed-station provide long-term monitoring capabilities.  Unique software processes data in real-time and sends reports instantly via email, text or web to alert on specific objects passing through the beam.  Reported info includes:


  • 3D location

  • Speed of travel

  • Direction of travel

  • Relative size


BioSonics Automated Monitoring Systems can be used for counting fish in rivers or monitoring marine life from seafloor observatory platforms. Other applications include debris detection and early warning at power plant cooling and other water intakes to prevent screen clogs.


Fish population/stock assessment


Determine fish location, size, speed, direction of travel.  Count fish remotely with zero data processing effort.  Access reports instantly at your desktop.

Jellyfish detection and early warning


Blooms of jellyfish can approach water intakes quickly and clog water intake screens creating costly delays or plant shutdowns.  BioSonics early warning systems can alert plant operators  of potential problems BEFORE it's too late.

Debris or aquatic plant detection


Algae or aquatic vegetation can quickly clog water intake screens creating costly delays or plant shutdowns. BioSonics automated monitoring systems detect objects of concern from hundreds of  meters away. SMART system technology quantifies the level of threat and sends a warning to project managers automatically, in real time.

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