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BioSonics Scientific Echosounders


DT-X Extreme - Portable Autonomous Echosounder

BioSonics DT-X Extreme is an innovative, versatile echosounder system that expands your opportunities for data collection.  The DTX Extreme works as a portable system for mobile surveys, or as an autonomous data logger for long-term, fixed station monitoring applications.


For autonomous data collection, temporarily connect your laptop/PC to program data collection parameters and desired duty cycle, then disconnect your computer and walk away.  The DT-X Extreme will continue to ping and log data for up to one month. 

Built TOUGH for extended outdoor deployments, with splash-proof construction throughout, the DT-X Extreme comes with stainless connectors on all ports,  cables, and connectors.


Unique features include:

  • Autonomous mode with wake/sleep function

  • Internal storage for 30-days data logging 
  • Built in DGPS, WiFi router, and DC voltmeter

  • Multi-channel, multi-frequency capabilities

  • Digital transducers for superior data quality

  • Extremely low side lobe transducers (~ -30dB)

DT-X Extreme Software and Applications

Fish population/stock assessment


Determine fish location, distribution, quantity, size, behavior, and biomass. Advanced analysis provides details on individual fish behavior and movement.



Substrate classification / bottom typing


Classify bottom substrates such as rock,

sand, or mud. Used in both freshwater

and marine environments over a wide range of bottom types.





Mapping Aquatic Vegetation 


Assess and map submerged aquatic vegetation.  Measure plant height and % cover (density) to calculate total biovolume.

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