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USV News - Chinese Researchers Latest to Integrate BioSonics MX for Autonomous Seagrass Mapping

Chinese researchers at the Sun Yat-sen University’s School of Marine Sciences recently took delivery of a new USV equipped with an integrated BioSonics MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder. The USV selected by Sun Yat-Sen University is a COWIS C120 manufactured by Anhui Kewei Intelligent Technology Co., located in Hefei, China, approximately 400 km west of Shanghai. The COWIS C120 is engineered for inshore surveying and mapping, featuring a lightweight (26.2 kg) design with an inflatable hull. You can read more about the COWIS C120 here:


The new COWIS USV system was recently tested, demonstrated, and delivered to the end user by BioSonics' exclusive, authorized sales agent in China, Mr. Ray Huang. The “MX USV integration was a success, the system worked perfectly and the customer was thrilled to receive their new USV”, stated Mr. Huang regarding the project. The new unmanned vessel will be used for surveying submerged aquatic plants and bathymetry mapping.

Testing the COWIS USV with MX Echosounder

The MX echosounder, packaged with BioSonics’ Visual Habitat processing/mapping software, is a complete aquatic habitat assessment system. The MX is the only scientific echosounder specifically designed for the assessment of aquatic vegetation, bathymetry mapping, and substrate classification. BioSonics offers the MX in compact, OEM configuration ideal for small unmanned vessel integrations.

MX Echosounder - OEM Version

Integration of the MX is typically a relatively simple process, utilizing a high-bandwidth Ethernet radio link to a shore-based laptop used to control the echosounder and log data. The researchers at Sun Yat-sen University are the latest in an ever-growing list of BioSonics users who have integrated their echosounder in a USV. If you would like to read more about other USV integration projects involving BioSonics echosounders, you can view a presentation given at the recent Ocean Business conference in Southampton, UK.

If you have questions about integrating a BioSonics system in your USV, or help choosing a USV, please contact us today.

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