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SUBSEA 20/20 Partners with SEABER to Introduce YUCO AUV to US Market

A BIG revolution in a small pink AUV!

SEABER, based in Lorient, France, is a company founded by several of the world's leading engineers in AUV technology. SEABER has recently released a line of specialized AUVs aimed at the scientific/oceanographic sector. The YUCO is designed as a single-task AUV built with several key characteristics in mind; reliability, affordability, and ease of use. With it's bright pink housing and sleek, bio-inspired design, the YUCO is a real head-turner...and justifiably so. This exciting new micro AUV offers unique features and performance destined to change the way ocean data is collected.

YUCO AUVs are available with CTD, Sidescan Sonar, Multiparamter Sonde from AML or RBR, or acoustic listening devices
YUCO Single-Task Micro AUV

YUCO AUV customers choose from integrated payload sensor options including: CTD, sidescan sonar, multi-parameter water quality, or hydrophone. Each YUCO is delivered as a single-task AUV with the payload of choice along with standard navigation system, depth pressure sensor, and rechargeable batteries. An optional DVL improves navigational accuracy and SEABER's proprietary navigation software (SEAPLAN) and handheld UHF remote provide for ultimate reliable AUV.

YUCO AUV by SEABER is the ultimate in a reliable AUV for oceanographic data collection, CTD, sonde, sidescan sonar
YUCO micro AUV is easily deployed by one person

SUBSEA 20/20 are thrilled to be named a US distributor for SEABER and the YUCO AUV. The full line of YUCO AUVs are highlighted in our online Vehicle Showroom. Factory training and live demonstrations are planned for 2022. Look for more details coming soon and contact us today for pricing, quote or more info on the YUCO AUV by SEABER.

Authorized US Distributor for YUCO AUVs by SEABER, contact us for quote, price, specs
SUBSEA 20/20 Authorized US Distributor for YUCO AUVs by SEABER

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