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BioSonics Major Product Release - "Extreme" Series Echosounders

BioSonics has announced the release of the DT-X Extreme echosounder an innovative, versatile echosounder system that expands opportunities for data collection. The DT-X Extreme works as a portable system for mobile surveys, or as an autonomous data logger for long-term, fixed station monitoring applications. For autonomous data collection, temporarily connect your laptop/PC to program data collection parameters and desired duty cycle, then disconnect your computer and walk away. The DT-X Extreme will continue to ping and log data for up to one month.

​Built TOUGH for extended outdoor deployments, with splash-proof construction throughout, the DT-X Extreme comes with stainless connectors on all ports, cables, and connectors.

The DT-X Extreme offers all of the high-performance characteristics of the standard DT-X system, with several additional features including:

  • Autonomous mode with wake/sleep function

  • 512 MB internal storage drive for logging up to 30-days of data

  • Built in DGPS, WiFi router, and DC voltmeter

BioSonics is offering a cost-effective upgrade path for existing DT-X owners who want to upgrade to the Extreme series. Contact us today for details.

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