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Valeport launches the smallest and most accurate sound velocity profiler

Production is now underway on Valeport's latest innovation - the new UV-SVP - a small and compact direct reading package aimed primarily at AUV and ROV users, which delivers high accuracy data to compliment survey work.

valeport UV-SVP.jpg

Valeport's UV-SVP (Underwater Vehicle - Sound Velocity Profiler) is based on the company's miniSVS and offers a form factor designed for underwater vehicles where space is at a premium.

Measuring sound velocity, temperature and pressure, the UV-SVP uses Valeport's class leading time of flight sound speed sensor, a PRT temperature sensor and a 0.01% accuracy pressure transducer in a compact package weighing just 750g in air. The lightweight titanium housing gives a depth rating to 3000m as standard. A wide range (9-30v DC) isolated power supply and RS232 communications complete the package.

Valeport, the UK's leading manufacturer of oceanographic and hydrographic instrumentation, designed and manufactured the UV-SVP at their state of the art facilities based in the UK.

Developed in response to a specific customer requirement, the UV-SVP has already been adopted by Bluefin Robotics for integration into the Bluefin 9 AUV. With a reputation for supplying the world's most accurate sound velocity sensors, Valeport believes there will be strong demand for their small, lightweight and accurate UV-SVP as the AUV market sector continues to grow rapidly.

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