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BioSonics New Software Highlighed at AFS Western Div. Meeting

BioSonics new VisAcq AutoTrack software was the topic of a presentation at the recent Western Division American Fisheries Society Meeting held in Mazatlan, Mexico. The presentation, titled "Comparison of new software for rapid, automated processing of hydroacoustic data for fisheries related applications", was part of a symposium on salmonid life history and management.

The paper describes an experiment to determine the relative efficiency and accuracy of VisAcq AutoTrack as a means to rapidly process hydroacoustic data. A hydroacoustic data set collected in Lake Washington, Seattle was processed to determine fish density by depth strata, horizontal and vertical distribution, and total count. Data were processed in real time using VisAcq AutoTrack and post-processed using three other commercially available and widely-used programs. The analysis results across the four different software applications demonstrated that VisAcq Autotrack provides provisional information as accurate as data provided by the other software while eliminating nearly all post processing effort.

To request a copy of the presentation, please contact us.

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