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Valeport's Latest in Oceantech Excellence: Introducing the SWIFT CTD

CTD measurements now easier and more accurate than ever

Designed with the intention of a seamless workflow, the new SWiFT CTD is the next generation of Valeport’s popular range of SWiFT profilers and delivers enhanced accuracy and versatility for those requiring CTD measurements.

Measured CTD with all the benefits of the SWiFT - The new SWiFT CTD profiler provides survey-grade sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery and an integral GPS module to geo-locate each profile. Ease of use is at the heart of the SWiFT range and the new SWiFT CTD not only makes any problematic battery changes a thing of the past

and delivers fully automated data transfer with no user input required, it also features Valeport’s signature SWiFT magnetic switch ring. The switch ring is easy to operate even with cold hands, it simply turns through 90 degrees and reassuringly clicks into position. The end cap features user-friendly LED status indications for GPS, battery and communications.

See the entire line of Valeport CTD devices in our showroom here and contact us today for pricing, a quote, or more info on Valeport's SWIFT CTD.

Interested in the origin of Valeport's SWIFT series of instruments?

Check out the Story of SWIFT here

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