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SUBSEA 20/20 Launches New Promo Video Series

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

"RawkStars of Science" will showcase remarkable projects and underwater tech

Marketing and selling in the COVID-19 era presents many challenges, not the least of which is a lack of in-person face time with our clients and partners. These days our email inbox is often flooded with invitations to connect, attend, view, or read about the latest product or service. So, to help stand out in this virtual crowd, SUBSEA 20/20 is producing a series of short, informative videos that will showcase our suppliers and end-user customers. Each video will feature a noteworthy project involving the practical application of a product represented by SUBSEA 20/20.

Stated CEO Eric Munday, "We're often awestruck at the work done by our clients and how they apply the scientific instruments and sensors they purchase from us in order to solve problems or answer important research questions. Our hope is that the RawkStars of Science videos will create awareness, inspire others, and ultimately create more business for our suppliers."

Two videos are now completed, with several more in the queue for production in the coming months. If you have a unique or noteworthy project you'd like featured in RawkStars of Science, contact SUBSEA 20/20 today for info.

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