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BioSonics in the News - Climate Bill to Boost Monitoring Activity at MRE Projects

Biosonics CEO, Tim Acker, was interviewed recently by Tom Banse of KUOW Public Radio to discuss how the new Inflation Reduction Act could boost monitoring activity around Marine Reneweable Energy (MRE) projects. Read the interview and associated KUOW article here. The passing of the Act (H.R.5376) is big news for marine energy research and development, and for the Pacific Northwest. The PNW is a hub for wave and tidal energy developers and Seattle-based BioSonics has developed a specialized sonar system, the Marine Life Observer, aimed at the MRE sector. The Marine Life Observer has been field tested extensively at the Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) in Hawaii around a wave energy device called made by C-Power celled "SeaRay".

Tim and Bev Acker, CEO and CFO respectively of BioSonics, with new sonar device, Marine Life Observer

Photo credit: NW News Network

BioSonics Marine Life Observer is a unique long-range, omnidirectional sonar

for 3-D target tracking and localization. The device provides reliable, scientific data to help drive sustainable growth of the Blue Economy while preserving the health of the environment. Information generated by the Marine Life Observer includes the location, depth, and behavior of marine organisms in the surrounding area. Such information is invaluable for permitting, policy making, and MRE project location selection.

BioSonics Marine Life Observer
Marine Life Observer conceptual drawing

BioSonics and the Marine Life Observer will play an important role in wave and tidal energy development in the PNW. Download the data sheet here and contact BioSonics today for more information.

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