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Echoscope Meets IHO S-44 Criteria

Recent demand for use of the Echoscope® for complimentary survey mapping tasks has grown significantly. The Echoscope® is at its core a phased array multibeam, albeit a real-time volumetric multibeam, and with accuracy of data around a few centimeters, it was expected that the data and results achievable should match IHO Survey requirements.

Coda Octopus today confirmed that the Echoscope® is capable of achieving bathymetric survey data that meets the various orders of IHO S-44 standard under typical survey conditions. Although the Echoscope® is often primarily used for real-time camera work – since it produces real-time 3D images – its bottom detection algorithms do not assume a single height per XY position. The sonar therefore is not designed exclusively as a multibeam device, but nonetheless can be used as a bathymetric tool.


Blair Cunningham, CodaOctopus’ President of Technology, said, “This is an important step for the acceptance and unparalleled utility afforded by our real-time 3D sonar technology within the industry. This latest publication follows on the back of our recent product releases including the Time Lock Power Supplyfor accurate time stamping of Echoscope data to an external time source, and our USE v6 release with full Patch Test capability.”

The summary of this report is available here and for a copy of the full IHO Validation White Paper please contact us.

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