The Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800MX is a shallow water habitat mapping system using the BioSonics MX singlebeam aquatic habitat echosounder. For shallow water, tidal, or hard-to-access survey areas the Z-Boat 1800MX offers researchers a completely new tool for obtaining valuable habitat data and expanding the coverage of field campaigns. With the long range Oceanscience Hydrolink-N radio system on board, high definition 5Hz echogram and echo oscilloscope data is displayed on the shore laptop in real time, with a simultaneous crystal-clear navigation screen for vessel guidance.

Remote Habitat Mapping Survey Boat

  • BioSonics MX 200kHz aquatic habitat echosounder

  • Long range radio for real time habitat data

  • Navigation display for precise survey line following

  • BioSonics internal GPS or external GNSS receiver options

  • Safely and conveniently access shallow tidal areas

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