Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs)

Specialized Autonomous Vessels for Data Collection

SUBSEA 20/20 works with world-leading USV manufacturers to develop integrated platforms for a variety of applications including hydrographic surveys, habitat mapping, locating unexploded ordnance, and more.  USVs can be outfitted with multibeam, split beam, and/ or side scan sonar as well as ADCPs, hydrophones, and other sensors. Contact us for pricing or information on a solution for your application. 

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PicoCAT by Picotech Ltd.

Ultra-high Resolution Multibeam USV for Hydrographic Survey.

PicoCAT is a one-person-portable, low cost, low power, ultra-high resolution autonomous multibeam USV for hydrographic survey.

Supported by industry standard acquisition and processing software, BeamworX®, EIVA NaviSuite®, Xylem HYPACK®, Teledyne PDS® and QPS QINSy®.



  • PicoCAT catamaran – tough, light and precision molded from HDPE.

  • Integrated PicoMB-130 or PicoMB-140 Multibeam

  • Integrated Applanix POS MV

  • GNSS antennas and crosstrees

  • Windows 10 IoT Embedded PC

  • Valeport UltraSV

  • Built in support for RTK via VRS Now® (with user’s subscription)

  • RTK via base station with optional UHF modem

  • Optional mounting points for tracking prisms

  • Free open-source autopilot

Maritime Robotics Otter USV

Turn-key and easily deployable system for seabed mapping and monitoring of sheltered waters.

Unmanned Aquatic Habitat Mapping System

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  • Fully integrated solution

  • Onboard processing and data logging - no PC needed

  • Vehicle control via cell or tablet

  • Measure plant height/coverage, bathymetry mapping

  • Substrate classification - Delineate mud, sand, coral, shellfish beds, etc.

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SONOBOT 5 by EvoLogics

Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Hydrographic Surveys

With carbon fiber construction and water jet propulsion, the SONOBOT 5 offers an ultra-stable, ruggedized platform for surveying and data collection.


Check out our video and specs to learn why SONOBOT  is the smartest ASV on the market today.


Small, simple and usable platform for planning and executing a hydrographic survey that can deliver accurate, geo-referenced bathymetric measurements and high-quality imagery with minimum transport, launch and recovery efforts.

SONOBOT includes an advanced single-beam echo sounder enabled with EvoLogics patented S2C broadband communication technology.   The platform is capable of delivering precise and accurate depth measurements even in very shallow waters.


Options include sidescan, multibeam sonars and more!