Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs)

Specialized Autonomous Vessels for Data Collection

SUBSEA 20/20 works with world-leading USV manufacturers to develop integrated platforms for a variety of applications including hydrographic surveys, habitat mapping, locating unexploded ordnance, and more.  USVs can be outfitted with multibeam, split beam, and/ or side scan sonar as well as ADCPs, hydrophones, and other sensors. Contact us for pricing or information on a solution for your application. 

Evologics SONOBOT 

Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Hydrographic Surveys

With carbon fiber hull construction and water jet propulsion, the SONOBOT's catamaran design offers an ultra-stable,  ruggedized platform for surveying and data collection.  Check out our video and specs to learn why SONOBOT  is the smartest ASV on the market today. The autonomous EvoLogics SONOBOT is a smart, lightweight surveying solution for harbors and inland waters.

Design objectives: Usability, robustness and versatility, paired with high-performance of the on-board sensors.

Small, simple and usable platform for planning and executing a hydrographic survey that can deliver accurate, geo-referenced bathymetric measurements and high-quality imagery with minimum transport, launch and recovery efforts.

SONOBOT includes an advanced single-beam echo sounder enabled with EvoLogics patented S2C broadband communication technology.   The platform is capable of delivering precise and accurate depth measurements even in very shallow waters.


Optional side scan sonar, GPS system and other sensors are pre-selected among commercial off-the-shelf products to best fit the SONOBOT platform and offer the user the best configuration for his particular requirements.

Maritime Robotics Otter USV

Portable USV System

a turn-key and easily deployable system for seabed mapping and monitoring of sheltered waters.

Oceanscience Z-BOAT MX

Remote Habitat Mapping Survey Boat

The Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800MX is a shallow water habitat mapping system using the BioSonics MX singlebeam aquatic habitat echosounder. For shallow water, tidal, or hard-to-access survey areas the Z-Boat 1800MX offers researchers a completely new tool for obtaining valuable habitat data and expanding the coverage of field campaigns. With the long range Oceanscience Hydrolink-N radio system on board, high definition 5Hz echogram and echo oscilloscope data is displayed on the shore laptop in real time, with a simultaneous crystal-clear navigation screen for vessel guidance.

  • BioSonics MX 200kHz aquatic habitat echosounder

  • Long range radio for real time habitat data

  • Navigation display for precise survey line following

  • BioSonics internal GPS or external GNSS receiver options

  • Safely and conveniently access shallow tidal areas


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