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Jellyfish Make Good Subjects for Study with Scientific Echosounders

December 28, 2018

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Cutting Edge Sonar Deployment in Papua New Guinea

January 11, 2017


BioSonics DT-X SUB echosounder deployed in a yearlong project to assess biomass (fish and plankton) in Papua New Guinea. The system is configured with 38 and 200 kHz transducers and operating in a fully autonomous mode. The DT-X-SUB is powered by (3) Ocean Sonics battery packs and will operate on a 15% duty cycle to extend battery life and allow for 3-month deployments. The hardware is mounted in a custom mooring frame deployed in 400 m of water. The DT-X SUB system will measure demersal and pelagic fish biomass and the diel migration of plankton over the course of this 12-month study


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