BioSonics Scientific Echosounders


DT-X Series - Split Beam Fisheries Echosounder

BioSonics DT-X Digital Scientific Echosounder is the industry standard used by hundreds of researchers and resource managers worldwide. 


Portable and rugged design makes it suitable for deployment from any vessel or aquatic environment. The DT-X is well suited for lake surveys, river surveys, coastal and marine data collection.  


Unique features include:

  • Multi-channel, multi-frequency capabilities

  • Digital transducers for improved signal-to-noise ratio and overall superior data quality

  • Extremely low side lobe transducers (~ -30dB)

DT-X Software and Applications

Fish population/stock assessment


Determine fish location, distribution, quantity, size, behavior, and biomass. Advanced analysis provides details on individual fish behavior and movement.



Substrate classification / bottom typing


Classify bottom substrates such as rock,

sand, or mud. Used in both freshwater

and marine environments over a wide range of bottom types.





Mapping Aquatic Vegetation 


Detect and measure SAV density, canopy height and geographic distribution. 


The system is effective in both freshwater and marine environments on a number of physiologically diverse submersed aquatic plant types. It operates in littoral areas from the shallows through the entire extent of the photic zone.

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