SBG Systems - Navsight Marine Solution

State-of-the-Art Solution for Hydrographers

Navsight Marine Solution consists in an Inertial Measurement Unit available at two different performance level and connected to Navsight, a rugged processing unit embedding the fusion intelligence and the GNSS receiver (option).


  • Latest Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, and GNSS receiver

  • Fast Initialization with GNSS-based Dual-Antenna heading

  • Accurate Data in Rough Sea with Delayed Heave

  • Configuration Made Easy thanks to the Web Interface

  • Ideal for Challenging Shallow to Deep Water Applications

  • A 48h Internal Data Logger for Post-processing


A Comprehensive Motion and Navigation Solution
  • MRU, INS with GNSS receiver, or with external receiver

  • Qinertia, the SBG INS/GNSS Post-processing Software

  • Full Offer of Technical Services for your Daily Operations

Step 1 - Choose Your IMU

Highly versatile, you can choose either the Ekinox grade IMU with a surface or subsea enclosure, either an Apogee grade IMU which offers higher performance in challenging conditions.

Step 2 - Choose Your Processing Unit Functionalities

Highly versatile, NavSight comes as a Motion Reference Unit (MRU), providing roll, pitch, and heave or as a full Navigation Solution with embedded tri-frequency receiver, or using an external one.

The NavSight Marine Solution is compatible with the main hydrographic software such as Hypack, QINSy, or Teledyne PDS.

Designed to Ease Hydrographers' Tasks
Web Interface with 3D View

Configuration is made easy throughout our intuitive embedded web interface where all parameters can be quickly displayed and adjusted. The new 3D View helps you to check your mechanical installation, especially your sensor position, your alignments, and lever arms.

3D view - Web interface

Automatic Lever Arm Estimation

Navsight allows quick installation and initialization thanks to new mechanical calibration module. The embedded filtering controls and validates lever arms and antenna alignment during the calibration procedure.

Extensive Heave Calculation

The Navsight Marine Solution provides a real-time heave accurate to 5 cm, automatically adjusted to the wave frequency.  The embedded Delayed Heave feature allows a more extensive calculation, resulting in a heave accurate to 2 cm (Apogee grade) computed in real-time with a little delay.


Complementary Equipment and Software
Qinertia INS/GNSS Post-processing Software

Qinertia is the SBG Systems in-house post-processing software. This full-featured software enhances SBG inertial navigation systems performance by post processing inertial data with raw GNSS observables.

Read more about Qinertia    


No Surprise with the SBG +Services

Navsight is based on maintenance-free technologies. Assistance is free of charge and  firmware upgrades are available during the life of the product without extra cost.

Extended Warranty - Extend the initial 2-year warranty up to 5 years.
Training - Training based on your needs to help you quicken your project  

SBG Systems NavSigt Vessel Display