SBG Systems Ellipse 2 Series

The Best Combination of Innovation, Performance, and Reliability

Ellipse inertial sensors provide outstanding orientation and position data in a small, light-weight, and rugged enclosure. Incredibly versatile, you can connect your own GPS/GNSS receiver or use the internal one, connect an odometer, receive di erential GPS corrections, etc. Ellipse Series sets up new standard for miniature and cost-effective inertial systems with an extremely rugged design, cutting-edge sensors, enhanced capabilities, and advanced algorithms.

The Most Reliable Industrial-grade Sensors:

  • High quality sensors

  • GNSS receiver & DGPS corrections

  • IP 68 enclosure

  • 200 Hz output rate

  • 2-Year Warranty

Ellipse 2-N
Ellipse 2-E
NEW:  The Ellipse 2 Micro Series

The Ellipse 2 Micro Series is a new product range reducing size and cost of high performance inertial sensors for volume projects. Ellipse 2 Micro Series is available as an IMU, or as an AHRS or INS running an Extended Kalman Filter.

SBG Systems Ellipse 2 Micro Inertial Sensor
  • High Accuracy

  • Cost-effective for volume projects

  • Light-Weight - 10 grams

With the Ellipse 2 Micro Series, integrators benefit from SBG Systems high expertise in motion sensing and positioning in the smallest package” adds Alexis Guinamard, CTO of SBG Systems.