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Multibeam Sonar by Picotech 

Picotech sonars are built on a scalable hardware and firmware platform called PicoSonar.  PicoSonar is the heart of our multibeams and also supplied to Kraken Robotics for their AquaPix® MINSAS and AquaPix® INSAS sonar systems.

Video courtesy of JP Cheminade, Geodesea

PicoPOD Multibeam Deployment Package

PicoPOD - Turnkey Package for Autonomous USV Multibeam Surveys.

PicoPOD combines a simple mechanical interface and free open-source autopilot.

Supported by all industry standard software, the PicoPOD includes:

  • PicoMB-130 or PicoMB-140 Multibeam

  • Integrated Applanix POS MV

  • GNSS antennas and crosstrees

  • Windows 10 IoT Embedded PC

  • Valeport UltraSV

  • Hydrodynamic enclosure

  • Optional extension wings for larger USVs

  • Built in support for RTK via VRS Now® (with user’s subscription)

  • RTK via base station with optional UHF modem

  • Optional mounting points for tracking prisms

  • Free open-source autopilot

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PicoMB-130    The World's Smallest Integrated Multibeam Echosounder

Ideal for ultra-high resolution surveys on man-portable USVs and small survey vessels.

Small size, low weight, and class-leading power consumption allow rapid mobilization, simple launch and recovery, and long endurance.
Includes an industry leading inertial navigation system fully integrated within its deck unit, speeding and simplifying mobilization and reducing costs.

Supported by industry standard acquisition and processing software, BeamworX®,EIVA NaviSuite®, Xylem HYPACK®, Teledyne PDS® and QPS QINSy®.

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Deck Unit

  • Integrated sonar processor and Applanix POS MV GNSS+IMU in tiny form factor

  • Water-resistant IP67 rated

  • 20-28VDC ideally suited for 6S LiPos

  • Complies with EN 60945 : 2002 Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems


  • Rugged fully over-molded digital transducers immune to galvanic corrosion

  • 300-400kHz wide-band 1-3 composite arrays

  • Less than 0.4kg in wa

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PicoMB-130 Data Pilings

PicoMB-140    Low Cost, Ultra-low Power Multibeam Echosounder

Ideal for USVs and small survey vessels

Integrated Applanix POS MV® GNSS and IMU 

  • Swath – 140°, 512 beams
  • Frequency – 300-400kHz

  • Beam Width – 0.5° x 1.0°

  • Power Consumption – 10W

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