The X2 offers all the same features of the standard icListen HF but with its reduced analog input gain, it records peak sound levels greater than 210 dB re.uPa without clipping or saturating. Use the Event Detection feature to ensure loud events are recorded or send an event message when a preset sound level is exceeded.

icListen HF X2 Reduced Sensitivity Hydrophone

High Frequency X2 Applications

(High Intensity Option)


  • Pile Driving

  • Dredging

  • Construction Noise

  • Explosions

Ocean Sonics Smart Digital Hydrophones

icListen HF-X2 Smart Hydrophone Applications

Offshore Wind Farms


The loud impulses produced during pile driving related to wind turbnie installations are believed to be sufficiently powerful to affect the hearing of marine mammals. For this reason hydrophones are often used to monitor the area before and during piling operations. Ocean Sonics can manufacture a reduced sensitivity hydrophone specifically for pile driving operations.

Pile Driving, Bridges and Piers


Pile driving is used to dill turbines into the ocean floor for the purpose of tapping into natural energy sources such as oil, gas, and wind. Pile driving is also used to build bridges and piers. Pile driving has the potential to produce some of the loudest anthropogenic sounds that enter the marine environment.  Hydrophones are used to monitor and quantify the energy sound levels produced by pile driving.

Underwater Blasting, Explosions


Hydrophones are used to quantify sound energy created during underwater blasting.