Falmat Custom Cable Technologies

Cables for instruments, video, fiber, custom cable solutions, and more

Highly-engineered and quality-manufactured cables that deliver extreme reliability and long-term success for Marine and Subsea customers worldwide. Tried and proven materials and designs set the global standard in dependability and performance for demanding environmental cable applications.

Falmat Cable offers products for topside marine facilities, shipboard, pier/dock, Dam and waterways with marine and weather resistant requirements, as well as industry conformance to IEC, DNV, NEC, UL, CSA, NRC, IEEE.

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Falmat Marine Cable Products

Xtreme Cables

New: Xtreme-Marine Video Cable  This sub-sea video cable design is ideal for deep water to 7km depths. Ruggedized design with full water blocked construction, improved strength member and the Subsea industry-preferred choice of Falmat’s® “Xtreme-Grade” Polyurethane jackets. Xtreme-Marine® Video cables are designed with precision coaxial components for use with SD/HD video.

Spec Sheets:

Xtreme-Marine® Cable Overview
Xtreme-Marine® HD Coaxial Cables

Falmat Xtreme Marine Underwater Video Cable
Xtreme-Green® Video Inspection Cable

Designed to deliver superior flexibility in extreme environments. Featuring a uniquely-formulated polyurethane or Hytrel for good flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance and better tractor control with extremely low-coefficient of friction.

Xtreme Green Video Cable Spec Sheet

Falmat Xtreme Green Underwater Video Inspection Cable
Xtreme-Net® Deep Water Ethernet

Xtreme-Net® underwater video cable is designed for use in deep-water with pressure up to 10,000 PSI. These uniquely-designed underwater video cables can maintain high-speed Ethernet data transmission under extreme pressure in bottom-laid applications. Tested and validated to meet industry Ethernet standard TIA/EIA-568B, with less than 2% change in values as tested to 6,000 PSI. Data rates of 100Mbps Fast Ethernet, 270Mbps Digital video and up to 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet with length limitations

Xtreme Net Spec Sheet

Falmat Xtreme-Net Deep Water Ethernet Cable
Xtreme-Cat® 5e: Shallow water Ethernet

Designed for a more economical shallow water Ethernet application such as port Security, oceanographic and ocean observation instruments, OOI, submersible data transmission for water themed entertainment and extreme weather protection.

These Data Network/Power Composite Cables are extremely rugged yet flexible, with water-blocked construction. Designed for underwater use with high-speed network data, video, and sensor equipment, these cables are suitable for bottom-laid, vertical deployment and ROV applications. Our Xtreme-Cat® 5e 4 pair stranded conductors meet or exceed TIA 568-B. This underwater video cable features Falmat’s specially formulated “Xtreme-grade” flexible polyurethane jacket for easier payout, tighter bends, and better tractor control with extremely low coefficient of friction.

Xtreme Cat Spec Sheet

Falmat Xtreme Cat Shallow Water Ethernet Cable
Xtreme-Green® Fiber

Flexible, yet rugged the Xtreme-Green® Fiber is designed for use in pipe crawlers, ROV tethers and other demanding video applications. All Xtreme-Green® Fiber underwater video cable units have:
• Specially-formulated hard-grade Polyurethane jacket for extreme ruggedness.
• Inner Xtreme-Light® simplex fiber optic core with strain relief, ruggedized buffer,      and individual “Xtreme”

• Polyurethane jacket (XtremeLT – UJSM, Unjacketed)

Xtreme Green Fiber Spec Sheet

Xtreme-Marine® EO Spec Sheet

Falmat Xtreme Green Underwater Fiber Cable

Xtreme-Light® fiber is tough, with a unique, high modulus coating for better survivability in harsh environments. Xtreme-Light® cable designs are solid, compression resistant constructions withstanding hydrostatic pressures at depths to 10 Km.

• SIMPLEX DESIGNS: Flexible fiber tether with high modulus coated fiber, synthetic strength member and Xtreme-grade polyurethane jacket.
• MULTI-FIBER DESIGNS: Compact designs with semi-rigid center strength core, water-blocked interstices and Xtreme grade.


Xtreme Light® Spec Sheet

Falmat Xteme Light Fiber Optic Cable

Tethers and Umbiicals

Diver Cables Underwater Video, Diver-comm, Xtreme-Green Our brand of Xtreme-Green cable products, as well as our standard diver video cables and communication cables are used by commercial dive contractors worldwide.

Diver Comm Spec Sheet

ROV Cables

Falmat offers a large range of ROV tether cables from small inspection hand held vehicles to large work class ROV’s in either neutral buoyant or negative style designs for various applications. We use specifically designed insulations, fiber-optic components, Kevlar, Vectran and specially formulated low density plastics to meet critical dimension controlled cable designs.

  • Small inspection ROV tethers, for various shallow water inspections, exploration and sampling with cable designs ranging from 2.3mm to 15mm in diameter

  • Small deep-water fiber tethered ROV’s for exploration with fiber-optic telemetry tether to 2.0mm

  • Mid-size ROVs of 1-2 meters in length, free swimming NB tethers

  • Large Work class ROV tethers for free swimming vehicles or as a tethered winch management system

  • Steel Armored umbiicals for mid to large work class ROV’s, with double or triple armor steel designs up to 120k lbs break strength. 


ROV Tether Cable Spec Sheet

Marine-Flex Offshore Halogen-Free Marine

Marine cable for installation on off shore drilling platforms, tankers, research vessels, cruise ships and any commercial or military shipboard applications requiring special features as listed below.

  • Halogen free and low halogen, low smoke

  • Low temperature flexibility

  • Low toxicity and corrosive outgassing

  • High heat resistant, Flame retardant, fire resistant 

  • Oil, moisture, sunlight and weather resistant

Marine-Flex HF Spec Sheet

Subsea Instrumentation Cables

For demanding underwater applications.  Premium grade underwater cable designs for various oceanographic instrument equipment applications.

Subsea Intrumentation Cable Spec Sheet