Acoustic Doppler sonar technologies for current profile and vehicle bottom velocity measurements.

Direct Reading Current Profilers

The SeaPROFILER family offers several instruments configured for direct‐reading applications in both Doppler Piston and Doppler Array configuration

Navigation - Doppler Velocity Log (DVL)

SeaPILOT DVLs offer a compact form factor and powerful electronics, providing a versatile platform capable of producing precise bottom referenced velocity and/or current profile measurements for ROVs, AUVs, and other manned/unmanned submersibles.


Wave Measurement

The SeaWAVE family of ADCPs offers a versatile selection of self-­contained and direct­‐reading instruments for wave measurement applications, to include first order wave statistics and frequency/direction spectra. Units come in 300KHz, 600KHz, and 1200KHz models.

Self-Contained Current Profilers

The SeaWATCH family of ADCPs offers a versatile selection of self-­‐contained (battery operated) instruments in both Doppler Piston and Doppler Array configurations. Applications include:

  • Meteorological and wave data acquisition

  • Environmental management

  • Coastal engineering site assessment

  • Oil/gas exploration and drilling.  

River Discharge Measurement

The RiverPROFILER 300KHz /600KHz/ 1200KHz models are RTI’s most versatile direct-reading current profilers. They use RTI’s acoustic Doppler Piston (DP) technology and are well suited for use in shallow and deep water hydrology applications.

Vessel Mount ADCPs

SeaTRAK ADCPs are for real-­‐time, vessel-mount applications (either hull mounted or over-­‐the-­‐side) to measure water currents and relative backscatter from a moving ship. SeaTRAK models utilize RTI’s Doppler Array transducers and are available in 150KHz, 75KHz, and 38KHz

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