Nammu OBS


Acoustic Release

K.U.M. - Environmental and Marine Engineering Kiel

Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS)
Innovative, Integrated Solutions for Earthquake and Sunami Research

KUM, headquartered on the Kiel Fjord of the Baltic Sea, has been a trusted partner to the marine science industry since 1997.  KUM is primary focus on the development of ocean floor seismometer systems for the detection of submarine seismic movements.


NAMMU - Ocean Bottom Seismometer (OBS)

KUM also design and produce specialized, durable equipment including:

  • Data loggers

  • Sediment samplers, corers, and pressure tubes

  • Camera housings

  • Actuators, drives, shackles, swivels and more. 

All devices can be adapted or custom built according to customer requirements

KUM use high-quality titanium as a corrosion-free, pressure-resistant and lightweight material, ideal for deep-sea operations to 6000m. From the smallest screw to complete tool carriers, all parts are available in titanium.

The committed and motivated team at KUM guarantee first-class service and innovative thinking.