Coda Octopus DIU 212

Data Integration Unit


  • Oil and gas

  • Dredging

  • Salvage and Decomissioning

  • Marine construction

Spec Sheet

The DIU 212 is a Data Integration Unit commonly used with the UIS (Underwater Inspection System). It forms the hub of the UIS where all sub-systems and sensors are connected to. Additionally the DIU 212 is the power source for each of the sub-systems that makes up the UIS solution for port and harbour security work.


The compact and highly portable DIU 212 has unique and clearly marked connectors for each sensor that integrated to this central device. With this important design feature it facilitates fast and easy mobilisation of the complete UIS as connection points cannot be mixed-up during a time-critical operation.


The DIU 212 allows for rapid integration of the following sub-components that together form the complete UIS package:

  • Echoscope sonar head

  • Day/Night above waterline camera

  • F180 series pre-calibrated position and attitude sensor

  • Mission control laptop running the USE topside software