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S2C R series underwater acoustic modems provide full-duplex digital communication using EvoLogics patented S2C (Sweep-Spread Carrier) Technology, delivering excellent performance and rugged construction to withstand the challenges of a subsea environment. Self-adaptive algorithms adjust the S2C parameters to maintain the highest bit rate possible in current conditions.


We offer a selection of short- mid- and long-range devices for shallow or deep water applications. Each product is available in a variety of configurations to offer the best-fit solution for a particular scenario.


Every S2C R Underwater Acoustic Modem is designed to solve multiple communication tasks using advanced data delivery algorithms. EvoLogics modems are easy to control with a comprehensive set of commands and software-configurable settings.

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High-speed device for short-range applications in shallow waters

High-speed device for medium-range applications in shallow waters, 70-degrees conical beam pattern optimal for vertical or slant channels

High-speed device for short- and medium-range applications, wide-angle beam pattern for communication in vertical, slant and horizontal channels

All-round performer for medium-range applications

Depth-rated device for medium- and long-range applications, low power consumption - best for long-term deployment, 70-degrees conical beam pattern optimal for vertical or slant channels

Depth-rated device for long-range applications, hemispherical beam pattern, low power consumption - best for long-term deployment

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R-Series Underwater Acoustic Modems

R Series